Premium Phone Wallet Case

  • $29.95

This premium Harry Potter Wallet Case is definately one of our best selling items, without a doubt. If you love Harry Potter as much as we do, you will love this product. 

Whenever we ask our customers how they found us. They would say "I saw your product through Facebook or Instagram and felt in love with it right away. I've never seen this cute design before"

Grab one for yourself or maybe as thé perfect gift for your friend or family.

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✔️ 30 day money back guarantee (unused)
✔️ 5-12 business days delivery time

Material: Environment-friendly, animal-safe, leather-like material.

Security: RFID protection material built in. (So people can't "hack" your phone through radio frequencies.)

Compatibility:  We support most smart phones in the market right now - Iphones, Samsungs, Huawei, Google Pixels, LG, etc. (Use the drop-down at the top of this page to see all supported smartphones)

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